Every mountain town needs a solid In-and-Out spot to get a much-needed massage. Whether you’ve sustained an injury on the mountain or are just sore, a reputable In-and-Out is a necessity in every ski town.

So, how do you go about finding it?  Well, while in Park City, we started by talking to the locals.  Between many conversations and a few Google searches, we were led to Oasis Massage for a quick fix. 

You all know how we feel about a great Day Spa with multiple amenities to choose from.  However, sometimes you’re short on time or just need a dependable massage. Those are the times you need an Oasis Massage.

It needs to be noted that Oasis Massage is not your typical place for a massage. You’re not going to get a relaxing Swedish massage or deep tissue, but instead a Traditional Chinese Massage which focuses on meridians and energy points that will effectively transport and guide blood and energy.  I had strained a muscle in my back while training for a marathon and was sore from a day of skiing, so this was just the place for me to give a try.

Located in a strip mall (being from Houston, this is a big knock), the space is clean and calm.  The staff was welcoming. I completed the paperwork and we got started.  I was a little hesitant at first – you’re not on a typical massage table and the massage didn’t start out as I would have expected (like the usual Swedish massage). By the end of it, I was sold. My body didn’t ache anymore and I was no longer sore.  All while enjoying the relaxing experience.

It is worth noting you can add on hot stones for free to each massage.  Also, Oasis Massage offers 30-minute chair massage too, if time is really limited. 

We will continue to explore more In-and-Out massage spas in Park City, but for now, Spa-Getaway gives Oasis Massage it’s stamp of approval for a quick, relaxing fix!